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4G product series
  • KB8200 4G Router
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    KB8200 4G Router

    Features: Industrial Design

     High performance industrial wireless module

     High performance industrial 32-bit MIPS processor

     Low power consumption, low heat generation, fast speed and high stability
     Support lug installation
     The shell is made of sheet metal and cold rolled steel
     Power supply: 7.5V ~ 32V DC

     Support standard industrial push rod SIM / USIM card design


        Kb8200 series 3G / 4G wireless router is a kind of Internet of things wireless communication router. It supports fdd-lte, tdd-lte, WCDMA (HSPA +, CDMA2000 (EVDO), TD SCDMA 3G / 4G mobile broadband network system of international general standards, and provides users with convenient and fast network transmission functions.
        This series of products adopt high-performance 32-bit professional network communication processor, take embedded real-time operating system as software support platform, provide users with secure, high-speed, stable and reliable 3G / 4G wireless routing network, and support two Ethernet RJ45 interfaces and communication serial ports.

        This series of products can be widely used in finance, post, smart grid, charging pile, self-service equipment, intelligent transportation, intelligent express cabinet, environmental protection monitoring, fire control monitoring, security monitoring, water conservancy monitoring, public safety, advertising, industrial control, earthquake monitoring, meteorological monitoring, instrument monitoring and other industries.

    Network characteristics
    Link real-time monitoring
    Support VPDN special network card, APN IOT network card, and common mobile traffic card of many operators
    Support serial DTU function and Modbus protocol.
    Support QoS and UPnP
    Support UDP data broadcast relay
    Support port forwarding

    Platform remote management
      On line monitoring of equipment
      remote flow monitoring
      remote parameter configuration
      remote restart and log query
      remote device upgrade

    Functional features
    Support 4G LTE network, downward compatible with 3G and 2G
    Support wired and 4G load balancing or backup, automatic switching
    It supports 1 x Wan, 1 x LAN or 2 x LAN, and can be freely configured and switched
    Support WiFi and ieee802.11b/g/n

    provide standard RS-232 / 485 serial port, support serial DTU (data transmission terminal) function

    Support hardware WDT, provide anti drop mechanism, and ensure data terminal is always online
    Support multiple VPN protocols (GRE, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, eoip, OpenVPN, n2n)