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How to use DDSN server software

1. you must know your server IP on internet:   my IP on internet in the vedio
2. your server need a pair of virtual serial port:   my VCOM is VCOM5<-->VCOM6 in the vedio
the Steps:

1. run DDSN_Sverver software
2. Run VSPD and check the VCOM
3. DDSN software open one of the VCOM
4. your software open another VCOM to recive data from DDSN software(I use sscom32E)
5. connect KB3030-N to your PC then config parameters of KB3030-N.
   (input your server IP and port as KB3030-N's Main server ip and port)
6. when KB3030-N connect to DDSN software,you can test data transfer the Path of Data transfer in the vedio
COM1<-->KB3030-N<-->GPRS network<-->Internet<-->Server<-->DDSN software<-->VCOM5<-->VCOM6

COM1  as your device(connect to KB3030-N)
VCOM6 as your monitor software based on serial prot(run on your Server)

Click to download the Vedio>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     How to use DDSN server software.rar