1. Overview
Electrical measuring is an important link in power marketing system, while traditional electricity settlement depend on meter reading of human, it has many shortage in real-time,accurate and applicable aspect. To use modern communication technology, computer technology and electrical measuring technology, can reflect in time, accurately and completely the quantity of electric (sales situation). The program is based on wireless communication technology of GPRS network, collect electrical data and other information in time, according to the system software of intelligent analyses, to realize electrical statistics of district, electric using situation and users’ state.

According to GPRS wireless local area network, it offer available data and recording for electric using management, can realize multi meter reading in the same time. The system has the function of remote reading back of device parameters, such as parameters reading back and compare with the parameters saved back of system, can find the illegality of changing electrical meter’s parameter. Warning of low voltage, off electric current, wrong connection, functions of displaying, recording and upload, it is convenient to find the unusual situation for manager in the company, offer a advanced and effective measurement against electric steal.

2. Design program

1.      New technology
The system of GPRS wireless data terminal KB3000 take the industrial network special chip, take the watchdog circuit technology to avoid anti-interference and crashing, take the mature GPRS technology to the data transmission, take the strategy optimization technique to electric analyses.
We use advanced programming technique, take the way of C/S(Customer/Service) to modify or maintain data storage, to the function of observation, statistics and scan we take B/S(Browser/Server).
2.      System Structure
The system include GPRS wireless remote meter reading part and electric using analyses part.
GPRS wireless remote meter reading system:
The system include GPRS wireless remote meter reading center, KB3000 GPRS DTU, electric quantity data collection part. Wireless remote meter reading center is constituted by WEB server, data storage server, VPN internet, printer and GPRS remote meter reading manage software.
3.      Electric using analyses
Using GPRS wireless remote meter reading data, through the statistical analysis of various combinations of inspection line loss rate, to find out the error of electricity measurement device, and the electricity network of imbalance in the same time

3. Program picture


4.  Main function and feature
1.      Remote meter reading system of power supply bureau take back the data of concentrator in the way of observation according to Shenzhen KingBird GPRS wireless data terminal KB3000, while concentrator will read the electrical meter regularly according to the setting time and save in the big memory, data in the memory is not effected by power off, system can save the electrical meter reading data within a month(less than 300 pieces), it is convenient to upload all the data from electrical meter to the center data server after the repair of GPRS network.
2.      Users of WAN and LAN with authorization can operate remotely some functions to website server, such as: meter reading, observation, statistics, scan, analyses and printing etc.
3.      As concentrator can save the data within a month, so center server can read all the data not only intraday, but also the data and total data on any day within a month.
4.      System can read remote meter automatically through GPRS public network, judge and analyses to data, find problem and warn in time.
5.      System has the function of real-time monitoring to questionable electrical meter, as GPRS network is online for ever and pay to flow, so it is the lowest price to monitor electrical meter of real-time.