Oil Well Remote Control System
1.  Background:
The quantity of oil field or well is large and distribution range is scattered, from dozens to hundreds square kilometers. Oil well inspection of human is taken mostly at present. People inspect device working situation and oil collected data at definite time every day. This way always increase worker’s laboring intension, and effect the instantaneity and veracity of the device monitoring and collected data. If oil extractor or electric pump has problem, we can’t find problem in time to monitor, prevent and control effectively.

“Oil well remote control system” is developed to solve the problem as above. It can monitor protocol electricity, tension, temperature, pressure, indicator diagram of oil well instantly, diagnose all kinds of bug(electricity, tension, pressure, overload, downtime, lacking phase, under load and so on) instantly, and find them to give a warning. It can start and stop the machine remotely, inquire the working protocol of oil well at any time, and realize remote protocol transmission and data resources share.

2. Base Construction:
Oil well remote control system is mainly constituted by well monitor terminal and center computer system. The system inspect the protocol of well-head, and send it to instant data store server of oil factory through GPRS wireless, to be known about working station of oil well instantly by departments at producing management. It decrease bug handle time of oil well, increase well startup time rate, crude production rate and working efficiency. The system offer a totally new measurement for management of rod-pumped well, it is the ideal of oilfield production automation products.

Device constitution of system project:
1)      Sensor module: load detector, angular displacement transducer, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and so on.
2)      Monitor terminal of well-head: power module, acquisition module, GPRS transmission module.
3)      Monitor center system software.
4)      Monitor center computer.

3. Functions:
The system mainly collect protocol of oil extractor such as voltage by three phase, electricity, active power, power factor, daily electricity consumption, total electricity consumption, wellhead back pressure, wellhead temperature, PRL, indicator diagram, and halt, handle or save the corresponding data.
1)      To give alarm information for halt, out of protocol limit, rod parting, rod locking and so on.
2)      Data of power down protect function. It can save setting protocol and historical data for a long time. To realize load off-gauge downtime control and timing start control of oil pumping machine.
3)      To realize the protocol configuration and over limit setting of monitoring terminal remotely.
4)      Record automatically working process of oil pumping machine, start time and stop time total, historical information.
5)      Static data scan and edit function: include data such as type of oil pumping machine, type of configuration electrical machine, well number, stroke, route name, range, upper and lower limits of alarm, well situation and so on, and can add new well, delete stopping well, modify working well.
6)      Function of monitoring protocols’ trend such as indicator diagram, current graph (or power diagram), electricity, tension, temperature, pressure and so on, to know protocol modification and analyze it conveniently.
7)      Bring in GIS, working status of the whole oil well can be reflected intuitively.
8)      Design according to users’ requirement.