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GPRS DTU of Kingbird used on Shanghai world expo square
Successful applied case of LED screen on Shanghai world expo square:
Screen issuing system on Shanghai world expo square include 366 LED screens, multi information issued managing center. Graphic screen, Liyan 2008 controlled card, font size 8cm x 8cm, double primary color, 256 x 160 bitmap, every screen can display 160 Chinese characters, scroll display. They are placed beside the door of exhibition hall and can be changed according to different requirements. Information issued managing center should configure a computer(need a GPRS DTU when no internet), APPServer remote wireless information issued system of KingBird, Liyan2008 controlled card information issued software.
After operating of the information issuing system, it need the maintenance termly. Maintenance work include as follow:
LED screen regular inspection, screen displaying condition, such as: luminance, inspection of bad points and screen body, the settlement and decay of SIM card. Regular inspection can be decided to business, a month or two month each time. The system estimate the round cost of SIM card, for the reference of cost controlling, specific cost subject to mobile company’s bill.