JBT300 Power monitoring Terminal

1. JBT300 Power monitoring Terminal Brief introduction

Street lamp monitoring controller is independent research and development production by our company and with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of high-tech saving products, street lamp to conduct systematic management, remote control and information sharing is its main function characteristics.
It will appear in all walks of life for lighting customers reduce electricity expenses, the cost savings to provide effective technology and method.

2. JBT300 Power monitoring Terminal Technique Specifications

  • Rated input voltage:AC380V+15%/220V+15%。
  • Output voltage regulation:Intelligent /Manual Regulation
  • Input frequency:50Hz±6%
  • Consumption:0.5%
  • Measuring :voltage 0.5level,current 0.5level、Power factor 0.5level。
  • Host compression:1000V
  • Conduction disturbance:Fit GB17743-1999 standard

3. JBT300 Power monitoring Terminal Use condition

Grid system:Alternating 85V ~ 265V;DC 80V ~ 300V  50 Hz
Working condition:Ambient temperature  - 45℃ ~ + 45℃
RH <85%
Surrounding : No corrosion of metal and destruction of the gas and electric insulation body, no explosion dangerous material, are not allowed to have strong vibration

4. Safety performance

This system security features meet  requirements of GB 14536.1-1998 international electrotechnical commission safety standards IEC 730-1’s  household and similar USES electricity to be automatic controller first part: the general requirements of the safety of the provisions of the contents and requirements

5.  JBT300 Power monitoring Terminal Scope of application

Target Group:Smart lighting for power saving series fit for type fluorescent lamp, electronic fluorescent lamp, high efficiency and energy saving fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, strobe lights, and various types of discharge lamps.

Suit occasions: Hospitals, schools, supermarkets and large supermarkets, garage, tunnel, street light, subway station, the factory workshop, garment processing, office buildings, stadiums, the hotel, the guesthouse, Banks, commercial buildings, aviation airport terminal building and so on.