KB2001-N is data protocol converter which transmits the data between RS232/RS485 and TCP/IP network. KB2001-N supply 10M/100M Ethernet interface upwards, supply one standard RS232 (or RS485) COM port. It have 16K buffer, its parameters can be set with software, the baud rate support from 300bps to 115200bps. KB2001-N can suit for all kinds of network environment. KB2001-N can apply to all kinds of network environment, network parameter and COM parameter, KB2001-N can be set by configuration software or by User’s programming.

Mainly Application:

  • Access control system
  • Remote AMR system
  • Power automatically
  • Intelligent traffic management
  • LED Display information issue system
  • Intelligent control data of building
  • POS network
  • Industry instruments and meters automation engineering