KB3025-B GPRS Wireless LED Control Card

1. KB3025-B LED Control Card Overview

KB3025 series display wireless control system adopts GPRS/SMS communication, can issue information to the local led display through PC which is connected with Internet. Due to four frequencies, it can communicate freely in the place of GPRS/GSM signal covered and apply to all over the world (Especially including South America and North America). Based on the Internet, user can change and control the information on the screen at any time or any place. The software has powerful pertinence of advertising information issue and be easy to use, apply to all kinds of media advertising information release occasions screen, such as taxi media screen, bus ads screen, grocery store door head screen, large market ads screen, bank release ads screen, beauty salon propaganda screen, call number Screen of hospital and bank and so on.

Characteristics of the system

  • Stable performance, transmit mass data and never lost package;
  • Adopt word stock with multi channels work mode, the data is small, and Send at a very fast rate, a message can be sent successfully within 500MS. the efficiency is in industry leading;
  • Support release alone or line up, powerful user-defined group send function, one message can be sent to numerous terminals (The number of terminal is unlimited);
  • Powerful resume from break point function. There is no influence if the terminal is power off or the taxi (bus) flameouts, message will be sent again after GPRS connects the line;
  • Software automatically show the status of living GPRS if online or not and send the process status.
  • Server software is stable and reliable, for many years software development and application, multi-line model can keep mass data transmission;
  • Publishing software is easy to operate, the interface is hommization and users are extremely easy to understand and operate;
  • Easily send information, user can send information through a computer connected to internet if only software is installed successfully;
  • The safety and reliability of the system: The software users have strict password authentication mechanism; The ID of company is validated by server and the user is validated by database account;
  • Software has strict authority management and division functions, define functions between the roles and users, divide into information editor, auditor, publisher and so on, the auditor is divided into first class and second class audit, information must be released after two classes audit;
  • The information which is not through audit will mark in red automatically, it will turn to normal black after through audit;
  • Support RSS download and send function, can download RSS news and send to display screens.
  • Publishing software supports communication modes such as local serial ports, GPRS, SMS text messages, all parameters of control card support remote configuration;
  • Support both GPRS mode and SMS Modem mode, one message support 1K bytes, achieved industry-leading position;
  • According to user’s needs, software can add charge function, such as advertising time arrangement, advertising expenses statistical.
  • The Publishing Software with strict Network authentication and encryption mechanism; According to the needs of user, user can use USBKey to run software and only can issue information after login successfully;
  • Support adopt different control card to meet all kinds of different types and sizes screen requirements;

2. Characteristics of KB3025-B LED Control Card

  • Support single and double color display.
  • Support 2MB (16Mbit) storage space.
  • supports up to ten players arbitrarily split window,  Played simultaneously; All windows can be set to a variety of water border.
  • Support animation, images, word / Excel documents, text and other rich program type.
  • Each control card supports 100 programs broadcast , each broadcast program can be set to 100 programs broadcast regularly.
  • Support more than 60 kinds of motion effects: snow, mosaic, zebra, fan and so on.
  • Support automatic brightness adjustment mode, 24 hours a day regularly brightness setting.
  • Supports analog, digital world clock, timing countdown; temperature and other external environmental data acquisition and display.
  • Control card can store fonts stored in English and other languages​​, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., a variety of fonts can be self-matching.
  • Supports any language, any font, any size text program, any display position adjustment, powerful text layout capabilities.
  • Support multiple types of indoor and outdoor LED displays.
  • Support onekey time proofreading function of computer interface.
  • For no corresponding font text (Hebrew, Persian, etc.), which can be converted into the form of pictures sent to LED display to show.

3. KB3025-B LED Control Card's Technical parameters

  • Color: Single and double color.
  • Display pixels: 512 (length) * 16 (height) pixels or 256 (length) * 32 (height) pixels
  • Scanning mode: Free to set a variety of indoor and outdoor scan mode.
  • Communication interface: GPRS/SMS,RS232/RS485

*      Working voltage: DC 5V + 0.5 V
*      Communication distance: All over the world of GPRS signal covering

  • Application environment: -35℃~80℃

4. System topology structure

System mainly consists of three parts
1. Terminal: Terminal mainly consists of the LED display, KB3025 GPRS wireless control card. The LED display screen is monochromatic and mainly show text or simple picture. KB3025 GPRS wireless control card receives the information from users, then save it and show on the screen at the same time.
2. Information release client-side: client-side includes users’ computer and information release software, computer must connect the Internet and can communicate with GPRS server. User can edit the information through software and selectively release the message to the appointed screen.
3. GPRS server: Fixed IP server. Users must buy or rent a server and apply for a fixed IP address. The IP is static IP which can visit internet remotely. The server must be installed our GPRS server software.