KB3031-NF embedded GPRS Data Terminal Unit

1. KB3031-NF embedded GPRS DTU Brief Introduction

KB3031-NF embedded GPRS DTU (Data Terminal Unit) is wireless data transmitting terminal of GPRS/SMS and embedded with High reliable ARM7 CPU. It is applicable to small and medium data transmitting of the Center to multi-points, multi-points scatter.
Based on the public net, KB3031-NF GPRS DTU transmit widely, stably and reliably, KB3031-NF GPRS DTU is widely used in unattended operation device, Remote AMR, remote data acquisition, remote AMR, remote scheduling and so on. Due to this product is designed for industry integrated, we adopt special designs in the temperature scope, shaking, EMC and interface multiform and so on, to keep it good stability in the severe atmosphere, ensure high quality for your device.
GPRS mobile net can supply TCP/IP connection; GPRS DTU can be use for internet connection, data transmitting application and so on. KB3031-NF GPRS DTU (Data Terminal Unit) is special GPRS wireless device that send the data from COM port through GPRS mobile data network. Aim at different scope user’s requirements to supply different define GPRS Terminal unit, it needs taking industry characteristics for developing on hardware & software and system integration.
KB3031-NF GPRS DTU is used in electric power automatic system, industry monitoring, traffic management, atmosphere, pro-environment, pipe network monitoring, finance, securities departments and so on. Consider the networking request from different application scope, achieve Virtual data private network in network structure.

2 .KB3031-NF embedded GPRS DTU Feature

  • Standard industrial products, EMC anti-jamming design, strong adaptiveness.
  • Independent research and develop, embedded 32 bit ARM7-CPU with real-time operating system.
  • Embedded Watchdog chip, provide multiple Reset mechanism, can be controlled by software, achieve industrial security mechanism perfectly.
  • Working Frequency adopt 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz which is suit for every country all over the world (Including North America and South America);
  • Advanced and strict data communication protocol, with the function of correction and encryption. Never lose package when data transmission, can achieve pictures over than 100K and Flash animation files transmission, no Mosaic happened.
  • Various working mode: DTU (default), Modem, SMS Modem. DTU mode is GPRS data transmission which can get the data from device’s COM port (RS232/RS485/TTL) and transmit to the server in Internet. It also can receive SMS Message when DTU mode (it needs to switch IO port to SMS when send message). SMS Modem is SMS transmission mode, user can set to type A (with protocol) or type B (transparent). When set to Modem, compatible standard AT command (GSM07.05 and 07.07). User can write AT command software to realize the function user need.
  • DTU and SMS Modem can switch through User configuration software and also can change the working modem through IO port.
  • SMS Modem feature:
  • Various networking ways: Under SMS Modem, the device with protocol (A) can network with the device without protocol (B), the device with protocol (A) also can network with the device with protocol (A).
  • Under SMS Modem, KB3031-NF can receive and send the MAX data 1024 bytes a time.
  • Under SMS Modem, support Sending and Receiving Data form: hex, ASCⅡ, UCS2. User is advised to set this parameter through our configuration software before use it.
  • Various networking ways: KB3031-NF can work with NET Converter KB2000 and KB3031-NF (it is convenient to use GPRS without internet). This can achieve networking of peer to peer, center to multi-points.
  • Plug and play: when work with KB2000 or KB3031-NF of our product, no need to develop any software and hardware, can build large SCADA system.
  • Automatically IP register mechanism, can achieve various server modes, build complete super large SCADA system.
  • Remote sleep and awake: User can use appointed cell phone number to dial or send message can sleep or awake DTU, it is convenient for user to save a lot of GPRS Flow Fee when no need to use DTU.
  • Remote modify DTU parameters: Support that SMS and data service center modify DTU parameters.
  • IO switching value function: Two switch inputs, two switch outputs. Through gprs network or SMS to control the state of the switch input or query switch input. Remotely turn on the alarm, set the input alarm mode (GPRS alarm and SMS alarm) and alarm threshold (low level alarm or high level alarm), the user also can customize the alarm information content.
  • Powerful communication backup function: if you open an alternate service functions, the main server and backup server connection can automatically switch, and automatically connect to the backup server once the main server problems.
  • Strong server software support, application for many years, strong function.
  • Support fixed IP and DDNS, support special APN;
  • Support up to four servers synchronization function, if open GPRS server synchronization function, KB3030-N can register four servers at the same time, and to communicate with each other.
  • Supports up to 20 SMS control number.
  • Working temperature range: -40℃-80℃, communication is not effected at -40℃.

3. Safe Use

KB3031-NF GPRS DTU Completely complied with national radio product safety technical regulations.
Warm Tip: You must not touch the antenna with your hands or body. During 15 seconds after KB3031-NF DTU started, Please keep away from the antenna. If the antenna is damaged, you must replace it in time, assorted and qualified cable and antenna.

4. EMI

Now most electric device all has electromagnetic pulse hardening, but some old device may have no, under RF power radiation, it may go wrong. When you use KB3031-NF GPRS DTU, please check the device nearby have electromagnetic pulse hardening or not.

5. Appearance and Interface

. Size: 54mm(L)*36mm(W)*10mm(H)
.Pin space: 2.0mm
.Weight: 17g


6. Technical Specification


Frequency Band: GSM850MHz/EGSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz/PCS1900MHz
GPRS Multi-slot Class 12
GPRS Mobile Station Class B
GPRS Coding: CS1~CS4
Output Power: Class 4 (2W) at GSM850MHz and GSM900MHz
Class 1 (1W) at DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz
Sensitivity: <-107 dBm (typ.) at GSM850 MHz  <-107 dBm (typ.) at GSM900 MHz  <-107 dBm (typ.) at DCS1800MHz <-107 dBm (typ.) at PCS1900MHz
Compatible standard AT command(GSM07.05 and 07.07)
Support extend command
Embed TCP/IP Protocol

6.2  Basic Function:

Embed TCP/IP Protocol
Embed standard AT command(GSM07.05 and 07.07)
Support extend command
Transparent data transmitting
Support IP address or domain name
Support special APN

6.3  Electric Specificity

Work Voltage:  DC 5V-12V 
Standby: < 25mA@5V
Communicating: < 120mA@5V
Peak point current: 1.5A@5V

6.4  Circumstances Specificity

Working Temperature:          -40℃~80℃
Storage Temperature:           -45℃~125℃
Relative Humidity:      20%~ 95%(No Condensation)