GPRS Monitoring System Program with Internet Of gas Warning

1. Overview

《GPRS Monitoring System Program With Internet Of gas Warning》is a new safe security information system based on GPRS wireless communication technology. It fill the blank at the field of gas safe security in the country. The system is suitable for that gas operators and safety supervision department monitor gas facility chemical factory effectively and roundly. It is also suitable for remote monitoring of gas leakage in the field of oil. According to the system, can achieve to monitor and control the pipeline of gas and place which store gas, to know the situation of gas leakage and working device. If the situation happened, the local control device will send out relevant audible and visual alarm and bug information, and send it to monitoring information platform of control center through GPRS wireless pattern, to ensure the gas safety at the whole area.
The program includes GPRS monitoring system and Internet monitoring system. The two types can be independent networking; also can be mixed networking (take the same main control center together). User decides it according to local requirement, Specification of the two types as follow.

2. GPRS Monitoring System

(1) Main station:

Generally speaking, main station is also main control center. Main control center take an on-line computer (ADSL interface) which connect with KB2000-A networking converter. One port of KB2000-A is RS232 interface which connect to COM port on computer, the other port is RJ45 interface which connect to internet through internet cable and router. Main station need not be in the place of main control center. If users’ computer can surf the internet and has authorization, it can take a KB2000-A to monitor and control remote locale

(2) Slave Station:

Slave station is every point at locale. KB3000 GPRS DTU of program is mainly fit for that device is outdoor, and no wire or other communication condition. Slave station has many kinds of monitoring device: residential gas station controller, gas store safety monitoring controller, regulator station controller, and pipeline safety monitoring system and so on. Each device of slave station connect with a KB3000 GPRS DTU, the device send the signal data to the computer of the main control center by KB3000 GPRS DTU, and GPRS networking, Internet.

(3)Fixed IP Server

Generally speaking, GPRS application must take the fixed IP server. Although GPRS support Dynamic DNS(for free), but this way is not stable. Users have their own fixed IP Server is the best, if not, we suggest rent one. Telecommunication Company or ISP has the business. Our company can offer fixed IP testing for free in the early period. But in the later period, users have many points, say 30 points at least, and should pay the fee for the server according to the actual quantity.