Solution to real-time monitoring at oil field

In the process of oil exploiting, storage and transport, especially when petroleum storing and transporting, dynamic monitoring become a very important working content in manufacturing management. It is also a important means to guarantee oil field to work normally, safely and effectively. SCADA has become productive matching device in west developed countries.

Real-time dynamic monitoring to pipeline becomes possible with the development and application of technology. The main content includes leakage control, pressure protect, temperature, wet oil of pipeline and oil well. Oil field is called “factory without wall”. Oil well, gathering stations and united stations are scattered. While the whole working flow connect with each other to be a system through pipeline, that means they affect each other. Especially leakage accident of pipeline and oil well has always happened; it caused the group huge economy damage and environmental pollution. So the achievement of dynamic monitoring is meaningful to solve the problem such as oil leakage, producing line, oil rob, it is also contributive to modern management of oil field.

GPRS Brief
GPRS is for General Packet Radio Service, it is a new bearer service based on GSM system. It aims to offer GSM users packet form data service. GSM and GPRS using the same frequency and bandwidth, unexpected structure, the wireless standard modulation, frequency hopping and the same rules TDMA frame structure. The new packet data information channel is almost same as voice service, so the BSS can provide complete GPRS cover at beginning. GPRS allow users send and receive data in the mode of end to end packet transfer, no need to use internet resource of electric circuit transfer mode. This is effective and inexpensive service of wireless packet date. It is especially fit to transmission of intermittent, frequent and small data, also unmeant large data. Compare with electric transfer data transmission of GSM dialing, GPRS is packet switching technology, with advantage such as “real-time online system”, “billing by flow”, “login conveniently”, “data commission fast” and “switchover free”.

System structure
Oil field control system of GPRS wireless net is advanced remote control technology in our country. It is a platform combined with software and hardware, and used computer technology, mobile communication technology, internet communication technology, database technology and testing technology. The system use TDMA technology to change analog signal transmission structure of traditional pattern, and put into mobile communication technology to realize wireless communication between main machine and slave machine. It includes functions such as dynamic detection, leakage detection, pressure protection, temperature range, bearing moisture warning and so on. Meanwhile, we have take research to analyze collected data. We offer the proof for scientific manage device, raise productivity and achieve energy conservation.
Dynamic control for oil pipeline such as leakage detection, pressure protection, temperature, bearing moisture, and oil well, gathering stations and united stations are scattered. While the whole working flow connect with each other to be a system through pipeline, that means they affect each other. We design GPRS wireless network to achieve data collection and remote transmission of oil pipeline, to achieve the multipoint, remote, real-time and synchronous transmission of oil data, to achieve distributed centralization control of oil pipeline conveniently, fast, economically, reliably and safely.

1. System structure

2. System specification

The whole remote control system is constituted by three parts as above: collected control part of locale, GPRS data transmission part, monitoring room data center. It finishes data transfer with GPRS DTU according module. PLC send data to GPRS DTU at definite time and PLC receive data from GPRS DTU to finish the corresponding controlled function. Once GPRS DTU receive data from PLC, it will transpond to data center.
(1)   PLC at every point collects all kinds of information and parameters then send to GPRS DTU communication module according to RS-485 COM port communication module. Meanwhile, it can receive order from control center according to the communication module.
(2)   GPRS data transmission part: input fixed IP Add of data center when configuration of GPRS DTU communication module. GPRS DTU communication module send the data to network server of the IP Add after receiving data from PLC, then send to data center server according to port mapping. GPRS DTU send data process: first send to GPRS network, and then through internet, at last receive at data center by ADSL.
(3)   Data center of monitoring room is constituted by ADSL MODEM, NETWORK SERVER, FIREWALL, DATA CENTER SERVER, and WORKING STATION. Data center server receive data from every station by ADSL Modem, and save, analyze, print the data.

3. System main function

  • Remote automatic monitor function: it can collect, census, analyze the data from oil station according to guests’ requirement, and make excel sheet and chart automatically, build and save historical files about every station.
  • Warning and prompt function: it can control spot situation, report to manage center, and advise manager to deal.
  •  Remote testing function: it can test every station such as leakage detection, pressure protection, temperature, bearing moisture and guard at data manage center.
  • Remote control function: it can control and operate device by I/O switch. Such as start pump, roof-floor processing and safety protection devices, alarm, cut off power supply and so on.

KB3030 Products Features:

GPRS DTU offer transparent data transmittal channel to sensor, intelligent device and industrial control device with standard communication interface RS232, RS485.Users don’t need to know complex communication theory and TCP/IP protocol, no need to change original program, can also translate industrial COM port communication of RS232/485 to wireless network communication of GSM/GPRS. KB3030 change the traditional COM port communication to GPRS wireless network communication. KB3030 embed TCP/IP protocol with transparent data transmission, it will not explain and handle the data package uploaded or downloaded from device, just seal or dismantle package of TCP/UDP data to users’ data, to realize the function of data transparent transmission. It is widely applied to long distance wireless communication and remote control.