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  • KB3071 wifi module(software included)
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    KB3071 wifi module(software included)


    KB3071 wifi module is a new embedded UART-ETH-WIFI (serial port-Ethernet-wireless network) module introduced by Kingbot Technology.
    This product is an embedded module that conforms to the network standard based on the universal serial interface, and has a built-in TCP / IP protocol stack, which can realize the conversion between the three interfaces of user serial port, Ethernet, and wireless network (WIFI).
    Through the KB3071 module, the traditional serial device can transmit its own data through the Internet network without changing any configuration. Provide a complete and fast solution for users' serial devices to transmit data through the network.


    Product features:

    Including software, plug and play, serial data transmission, users do not need at command secondary development;

    With invention patent, mature software system, users do not need to deal with the connection with router AP, public network server and other issues; at the same time, support users to develop customized software;

    A variety of working modes, users choose according to their needs;

    AP, station mode is switched through configuration;

    LAN and Internet communication coexist at the same time;

    The network end can be based on either server or client;

    The IP address of WiFi module can be obtained through broadcast instruction in LAN;

    Support the configuration parameters of web configuration mode;

    Equipped with internet communication platform (cloud data server);

    KB3071'S  Technical Specifications

    Table2-1Technical Specifications 

    Network standard

    wireless:IEEE 802.11n、IEEE 802.11g、IEEE 802.11b

    wired:IEEE 802.3、IEEE 802.3u

    Wireless transmission rate

    11n: maximum up to 150Mbps
    11g: maximum up to 54Mbps
    11b: maximum up to 11Mbps

    Tracks number


    Frequency range


    Emission power



    2 Ethernet,2 serial,1 USB(host/slave),GPIO


    Antenna type

    Onboard antenna / External Antenna


    Functional Parameters

    WIFI work mode


    WDS Function

    Support WDS wireless bridge connection

    Wireless security

    Wireless MAC address filtering

    Wireless security function switch

    64/128/152 bit WEP encryption

    WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK、WPA/WPA2 security mechanism

    Network management

    Remote Web management

    Configuration file import and export

    WEB software upgrade

    Serial to Ethernet

    Maximum transmission rate


    TCP connection

    Max connection number>20

    UDP connection

    Max connection number>20

    Serial baud rate


    Other Parameters

    Status indicator

    Status indicator

    Environmental standard

    Operating temperature:-20-70℃

    Operating humidity:10%-90%RH(non-condensing)

    Storage temperature:-40-80℃

    Storage humidity:5%-90%RH(non-condensing)

    Additional properties

    Frequency bandwidth optional:20MHz、40MHz,Automatic