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IoT platform


With the development of the times, new technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data analysis have hit all enterprises with an irresistible trend.

The Internet of Things (IOT) refers to various devices and technologies that use various information sensors, radio frequency identification technologies, global positioning systems, infrared sensors, laser scanners, etc. to collect any real-time monitoring, connection, and interaction. Objects or processes, collect all kinds of required information such as sound, light, heat, electricity, mechanics, chemistry, biology, location, etc., and access through various possible networks to realize the ubiquitous connection of objects and objects, objects and people , To achieve intelligent perception, identification and management of items and processes. The Internet of Things is an information carrier based on the Internet and traditional telecommunications networks. It allows all common physical objects that can be independently addressed to form an interconnected network.

In the Internet of Things system, the development of corresponding software based on hardware is a key part of the Internet of Things application. Hardware without a software platform is as useless as a car without oil. Different solutions require not only high-quality hardware but also customized software according to the actual application.

Our company (Shenzhen Kingbird Network Technology CO.,LTD.) not only has been cultivating in hardware for many years, but the development of supporting IoT platform software is also fruitful. We have been officially recognized as a national high-tech enterprise for six consecutive years and have more than forty patents and software copyrights related to the Internet of Things. With the self-developed 4G, WIFI, Lora, NBIOT and other products, we can not only customize the terminal transmission software, but also develop mobile monitoring software, server-side transceiver storage software, and PC-side control analysis software according to customer actual needs. You can get a one-stop service from us to form a platform from hardware to software, without the need to waste a lot of manpower and time costs for the development of the Internet of Things platform.

An IoT platform consists of a lot of hardware and software. Click below for more detailed software information.

The four modules

Mobile development

PC development

Server-side development

IoT hardware terminal