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Water conservancy

GPRS wireless water level monitoring and alarm system

The goal of the GPRS wireless water level monitoring and alarm system is to grasp the water level dynamics, provide an early warning mechanism and real-time dynamic data for flood control, drought monitoring and drought monitoring, and provide detailed information for decision-making. information. The water level monitoring system is suitable for groundwater level monitoring, river level monitoring, reservoir level monitoring, pool level monitoring, etc.

1. GPRS wireless water level monitoring and alarm system system
    The system can be divided into the following parts:
Monitoring Center: The data from the measurement terminal equipment is acquired and recorded on the server in real time through the water level monitoring system software, and displayed to the client monitoring personnel in the form of a graph; the client can flexibly query real-time or historical water level information and generate Report
Communication network: INTERNE public network + GPRS network;
Data transmission equipment: GPRS DTU or CDMA DTU, data transmission terminal, send the serial port data from the measurement equipment to the server by wireless (GPRS or CDMA) or send the instructions issued by the server to the measurement equipment;
Measuring equipment: water level gauge or water level transmitter, monitor water level, and send water level data to digital transmission equipment;

2. GPRS wireless water level monitoring and alarm system function

The water level monitoring system can be operated independently, or it can be incorporated into the information system of the application industry;
Collect the water level data of each water level monitoring point, the collection time interval can be set;
Support 220VAC power supply, solar power supply, lithium battery power supply;
Data transmission terminal parameters can be set remotely through software or mobile phone;
The monitoring center can store, analyze and generate the necessary reports and curves for the water level data;
When the water level exceeds the alarm threshold, send an alarm message to the relevant person's mobile phone

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