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WIFI series
  • ESP-07S(software included)
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    ESP-07S(software included)

    Features: Model: esp-07s
    • brand: kingbird
    Origin: Mainland China
    Interface type: UART / GPIO / ADC / PWM / SPI / I2C
    • antenna type: external
    Applicable scenario: smart home, smart factory, smart city
    Size: 17x16x3mm
    • maximum number of connections supported: 4
    Wireless standard: ieee802.11n
    Effective communication distance: 80m


    Functional features: 

    Including software, plug and play, serial data transmission, users do not need at command secondary development;

    With invention patent, mature software system, users do not need to deal with the connection with router AP, public network server and other issues; at the same time, support users to develop customized software;

    A variety of working modes, users choose according to their needs;

    It can be based on AP mode or station mode;

    LAN and Internet communication coexist at the same time;

    The network end can be based on either server or client;

    Support SmartLink one key distribution network;

    The IP address of WiFi module can be obtained through broadcast instruction in LAN;

    The parameter configuration is convenient and flexible, and supports three configuration modes: serial port at configuration, LAN configuration and Internet configuration;

    Equipped with internet communication platform (cloud data server);

    Product parameters:
    Module model: esp-07s
    Package form: SMD16
    Module size: 17 * 16 * 3 (+ - 0.2mm)
    Certification data: FCC / CE / IC / reach / RoHS
    SPI FLASH:32Mbit
    Support interface: UART / GPIO / ADC / PWM
    Available IO port: 9
    Serial port rate: 300 ~ 4608000bps, 115200bps by default
    Spectrum range: 2.4GHz
    Antenna form: IPEX antenna
    Transmitting power: 802.11b: 16 + - 2dbm; 802.11g: 14 + - 2dbm; 802.11n: 13 + - 2dbm
    Security: WEP / wpa-psk / wpa2-psk
    Power supply range: Standard 3.3V (3.0 ~ 3.6V, current > 500mA)
    Operating temperature: - 20 ~ + 85 ℃
    At support: support at instruction reading